Monday, February 9, 2009

Falcons Fall In Fiesty Affair

Scoring goals really hasn't worked for the Falcons lately, so it seemed team decided to try and pound their opponent into submission Sunday night. Against Binghamton, 4 separate scraps broke out in a 6:20 span of the first period, but it wasn't enough as for the second straight night the Oiler farmhands let a 3rd period lead slip away and lost 2-1.

Three minutes into this one, Hans Benson laid a big hit and danced with AHL heavyweight Jeremy Yablonski. According to the Meadowlake Saskatchewan product has 86 pro fights, and dropped the mitts for the 18th time this season with Benson. I'd have to give a slight decision to Yablonski after seeing the video evidence, but you can judge for yourself.

As you see in the clip, 2 minutes later Guillaume Lefebvre went with Matt Carkner and I thought it was a draw. 3 and a half minutes after that, Colin McDonald and Neil Petruic had possibly the shortest fight I've ever seen, but still earned 5 minutes each. And finally, newly acquired Ryan Stone and Zach Smith threw the skin hammers less than a minute later, and Stone won this one fairly handily. We'll ask him about the scrap Tuesday night when he joins us on TPS.

As for the rest of the game, it was scoreless until 2 minutes into the 3rd when Ryan Potulny beat Martin Gerber on a power play goal set up by Rob Schremp and Cody Wild. It was Potulny's 3rd in 3 games since being assigned by the Oilers, and gives him 22 on the year.

However Ottawa's farmhands stormed back with 2 goals in less than 2 minutes to steal the win and stop Springfield from snapping it's 6 game losing skid. You can hear some post game audio here.

The birds hit the road this week with 4 games in 5 nights, starting in Manchester Wednesday and ending in Toronto Sunday.


Anonymous said...

i just counted hits that landed, carkner punched lefabvre 6 times, the final 4 being direct punches to his face, with nothing thrown back.. lefabvre landed one punch, and then just held on to carkners sweater, attempting two rabbit punches that never went anywhere, just holding his jersey.

draw? really? come on homer. be objective.

Anonymous said...

oh for christs sake man, slight decision to yablonski? are you watching this? he pummeled him for about 10 hits, never had anything of substance thrown back, he nailed him one last time and he caved. give me a break! you lose credibility when you try to steer an agenda you know...

the only fight i saw out of everything that springfield had a CHANCE was zach smith, and even that i'd say slight edge to springfield.

realise that just being able to stand up and not fall down during a fight doesn't mean you're holding up in a fight...2 of the 4 fights (carkner and yablonski) the springfield opponents got a total of what, 3 punches in?

just because he didn't take him down to the ground doesn't make it a draw. you have to throw punches back.

Dean Millard said...

Sorry Anonymous, if that is indeed your real name....but seeing as 2 of the 4 fights are joined in progress it's pretty tough to say what happened before. As for the Lefebvre scrap, are you counting punches that landed, or phantom punches, because Lefebvre actually hit Carkner a few times. As for Yablonski, he got in 2 real punches berfore Benson went down and Yablonkski got in a cheap shot. It's kind of like shots on net, just because you hit the puck doesn't mean it's a shot, you actually have to hit the net for it to count. Moving your arm doesn't count as a punch.