Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warriors staying put, other WHL notes

A few reports coming out of Moose Jaw has the city voting 60% in favor of a multi-plex arena which would keep the Warriors from leaving the city. The current barn, dubbed the "Crushed Can" isn't up to WHL standards, and if a new rink wasn't in the plans, the club would have been forced to move. This is good news to me, and I'm sure the Regina Pats who have one of the best rivalries in sports going with the Tribe. I guess I can put my Winnipeg Warriors jersey back in the closet as the team isn't heading back to it's original city.

The WHL again has 4 teams in the CHL top ten and the Brandon Wheat Kings have now moved up to 8th spot. Vancouver wasn't able to get past Calgary in the top 10 after Kelowna put up a Giant performance in Vancouver with a 6-2 win. Windsor remains number 1 and have been in the rankings every period this year.

1. Windsor (52-6-0-1)
2. Calgary (54-7-3-1)
3. Vancouver (49-7-1-3)
4. Drummondville (47-10-0-4)
5. Shawinigan (47-12-2-0)
6. Belleville (41-15-2-2)
7. Saskatoon (44-15-3-1)
8. Brandon (42-16-3-1)
9. Moncton (44-10-2-4)
10. Brampton (39-18-1-1)

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