Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pipeline Playoff Predictions (WHL)

On the last show we had a media round table assembled and we put forth our predictions for the WHL playoffs. With the final team now confirmed to be Edmonton, here now are the fearless playoff predictions by The Pipeline Show's not-so fearless band of prognosticators.

The panel: Cam Moon (Red Deer), Rod Pedersen (Regina), Allan Bristowe (PG), Millard & Flaming (TPS) with picks from A.J. Jacubec (Edmonton) is taking part but you'll forgive him for not commenting on the series between the Hitmen and the team he works for.


Vancouver vs Prince George

Bristowe: "With Dana Tyrell in the line up they maybe win a game but we're talking 66 points difference in the standings. 66 points is good enough for 7th in the conference." Giants in 4.

Millard: "Pierro-Zabotel 115 points, Evander Kane almost 50 goals and the leading shutout goalie in the history of the WHL." Giants in 4.

Flaming: "Outside of Brett Connolly what do the Cougars have to throw at Vancouver's defence, the offence and Tyson Sexsmith?" Giants in 4.

Jacubec: "Cougars fortunate to make the playoffs, while PA sits at home with 14 more points." Giants in 4.

Tri-City VS Everett

Bristowe: "I think a healthy Chet Pickard takes them to a Western Conference final." Americans in 4.

Millard: "Even if Pickard's not healthy they have enough guys. Mitch Fadden was a good pick up for them." Americans in 5.

Flaming: "Everett's a good playoff team in their building where they have a raucous crowd behind them so I think they might steal one or two." Americans in 6.

Jacubec: "Silvertips outmatched in every department." Americans in 5.

Kelowna VS Kamloops

Bristowe: "Justin Leclaire could steal Kamloops a game or two but for some reason Kelowna is his kryptonite." Rockets in 5.

Millard: "The Blazers just don't have enough offence for me." Rockets in 5.

Flaming: "The 9-0 season series sweep is pretty dominating." Rockets in 5.

Jacubec: "Hottest team in the West swept the Blazers in the season series." Rockets in 5.

Spokane VS Seattle

Bristowe: "I could almost see this being an upset but Tokarski is worth the price of admission and wins them the series. But if he falters or Spokane doesn't come back healthy..." Chiefs in 6.

Millard: "I don't see Spokane having too much trouble. I like their depth in scoring and Ondrej Roman is like their Mikael Backlund and Tokarski is starting to win me over." Chiefs in 5.

Flaming: "The surprise here will be in how easily Spokane gets passed Seattle. People will be saying, wow... how did they do that? Spokane is too deep and their goaltending is too good." Chiefs in 4.

Jacubec: "No one does Jekyll and Hyde better than the T-Birds, who recently lost 9-1 and won 10-0 on the same weekend! A consistent effort in this series will give the defending Memorial Cup champs fits." Chiefs in 7.


Calgary VS Edmonton

Moon: "Cinderella doesn't live in the WHL. The Hitmen have 59 wins and that's not by accident." Hitmen in 4.

Pedersen: "Calgary will win it in a sweep and you watch the power plays will be +40 for Calgary to around 20 for the opposition and they'll win it on special teams... and it will be ugly." Hitmen in 4.

Millard: "I don't think anybody can beat Calgary in the first round - too much depth." Hitmen in 4.

Flaming: "Calgary has all the offensive weapons you could ask for, goaltending hasn't been a problem all year and with Postma, Stone, Plante and Seabrook they have too much." Hitmen in 5.

Saskatoon VS Lethbridge

Moon: "I like Saskatoon but I think it's going to be a close series and if Lethbridge wins I don't think you could call it an upset; there is a ton of talent on that team." Blades in 6 or 7.

Pedersen: "Lethbridge has far too many loose cannons and Metosla was hurt on the weekend. The Blades have the best goalie in the league, the Coach of the Year and a team built around defence." Blades in (did not say)

Millard: "Great individual talent and maybe they come together in a palyoff series and Beach could dominate. Hurricanes in 7.

Flaming: "The Hurricanes might have the better individual players but Saskatoon is a better team." Blades in 7.

Jacubec: "Hurricanes have more talent, but the Blades are a more cohesive unit and have the better goalie in Holtby." Blades in 7.

Brandon VS Kootenay

Moon: "The Ice have had a great year... however, the Wheat Kings have too much and home ice will be a factor." Wheat Kings in 5.

Pedersen: "There hasn't been a hotter team in the second half than Brandon. Travel is going to be ridiculous - 14 hours between the two cities." Wheat Kings in 5.

Millard: "For the first time in a couple of year I'm justified in taking Brandon." Wheat Kings in 5.

Flaming: "The Ice have been defying the odds for the last couple months and maybe they can keep it going for a bit longer but Brandon still wins." Wheat Kings in 6.

Jacubec: "No one plays harder than the Ice, but the Wheaties have too much firepower up front." Wheat Kings in 5.

Swift Current VS Medicine Hat

Moon: "The Broncos are probably deeper and are playing well right now. The crowds will be unreal in both places." Broncos in 6.

Pedersen: "I just don't think the Tigers are the team we're accustomed to seeing over the last few years. The Broncos are big, fast and come playoff time Travis Yonkman might be the best goalie in the WHL." Broncos in 6.

Millard: "I like the Tigers in this one and Swift Current looks a little ordinary to me." Tigers in 6.

Flaming: "I like the Broncos for their size and their speed. Guys like Cody Eakin, Keegan Dansereau, Geordie Wudrick, John Negrin, Eric Doyle and Yonkman.. more depth than the Tigers despite Ellis." Broncos in 6.

Jacubec: "Tigers faded down the stretch, but Tyler Ennis carries them to 1st round victory." Tigers in 6.

WHL Finalists and League Champions

Moon: Calgary over Vancouver
Pedersen: Vancouver over Saskatoon
Bristowe: Calgary over Kelowna
Millard: Calgary over Kelowna
Flaming: Calgary over Kelowna
Jacubec: Kelowna will play a team from the East.


Rod Pedersen said...

Who predicted an Edmonton win in P.A.? Oh yah!


Guy Flaming said...

You and me both Rod... Moon, Millard and that PA homer Bristowe are already 0-1.

Doogie2K said...

I'm personally very excited for the series; PA just wouldn't have had the same kick.

I had no idea until I looked it up last night how lopsided the season series was; after that first game in Edmonton, the Oil Kings just got crushed. I feel good going in, I just don't want to get too overconfident, because it wouldn't exactly be the first time if Calgary faltered in an early round when they really shouldn't have.

I dunno, maybe I'm just not used to rooting for the favourite, being a post-dynasty Oilers fan. I mean, we beat Vancouver twice to take the regular-season crown. That's a hell of a thing, because Vancouver's been the gold standard for a while now. I just worry that in a month or so, I'm gonna be sitting in my seat in Row 5 near the bench wondering what the hell just happened.

Guy Flaming said...

There will be a LOT of people wondering 'what the hell just happend?" if the Hitmen don't get at LEAST to the conference finals.

They're my pick to win the 'Dub this year.