Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inglis gets 10: Video

It's not just Brendan Shanahan or the OHL that are ruling the roost when it comes to lengthy suspensions, as WHL discipline dude Richard Doerksen has slapped 10 games on Prince George leading scorer Charles Inglis for a head shot over the weekend.

Here is the video courtesy of CKPG and our good friend Allan Bristowe. 10 games is a nice round number for what seemed to be a player targeting another players head.

However unlike the NHL and OHL's suspension you had to dig a little on the WHL's website to find info on it. It's under the NEWS and WHL DISCIPLINE section, and only this was written.
0/04/11 Charles Inglis Prince George 10 games for match penalty for checking to the head versus Victoria on October 1
We've all seen "The Shanny Show", and the OHL is doing something similar, although without a former NHLer hosting it. The QMJHL also gives a detailed explanation, although I haven't seen any video evidence with their rullings.

What I liked about the OHL's version is it was front and centre on their website. Not hiding it a few mouse clicks away. Junior leagues need to be transparent and totally open with their rulings. The WHL should follow suit and give more then one line about a suspension. As for the latest one handed down by Doerksen. I think it sends a strong message and hopefully it means he has to hand out fewer suspensions this year.

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