Sunday, April 3, 2011

RIP Mandi Schwartz

Sad news today in the hockey world as it has been announced that Mandi Schwartz lost her fight with cancer this morning. According to Hero Support, a advocacy group in support of stem cell transplants, "Mandi Schwartz passed away at 10:35 am PST surrounded by her wonderful family, fiance and friends." She was just 23-years-old.

The mention on Twitter can be found here. A press release from Yale has now also delivered the news and offers some background on the story for those not familiar with it already.

Her long battle against cancer has been well documented and her courageous determination inspired everyone who knew her and many who only knew of her.

Condolences go out to her family from everyone involved with The Pipeline Show.


Lowetide said...

RIP. Terrible news.

Greg said...

What a courageous young lady.
My thoughts are with her family and friends.