Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bruins Move to Island Now Official

In an extremely anti-climatic press release it has finally been made official: The Chilliwack Bruins are on the move and will play out of Vancouver Island beginning next season. What has been rumored for more than a month and first confirmed on TPS by Sportsnet CHL Insider Sam Cosentino in late March, the Bruins have been sold and will call the Save On Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria their new home.

The WHL issued this press release today.

TPS has learned that the Voice of the Bruins, Randy Merkley and 89.5 The Hawk morning man Don Lehn will talk be speaking with Bruins President and Governor Darryl Porter along with partner Brian Burke and WHL President Ron Robison tonight on the air. You can catch that HERE between 6-6:30 pm Mountain time.

Any guess as to what the team will be named? The Victoria Cougars are now in Prince George... the ECHL Victoria Salmon Kings are still in town but likely on the way out... do they keep the 'Bruins' moniker?

What would you like to see as Victoria's name next year?


christopher929 said...

How about the Victoria Spirit Bears. It keeps the Bruin (Bear) motif and endorses local native flavor.

Kasim said...
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Kasim said...

There's a poll for the new team's name at their website:

If these are the only options, I hope they go for a more classic-sounding name like the Capitals or Royals, personally.