Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pats Player Involved in Fatal Car Accident

Sad news to report by way of the Regina Pats today. An under-age defenceman is in hospital in Calgary after a car accident in that city early on Saturday morning. The accident has claimed the life of a female occupant in the car who was also from Regina.

The Pats have issued the following release:
"The accident took place early this morning in Calgary and I regret that not only has this accident left [the player] in hospital but has resulted in the death of a young lady from Regina.

At this point in time we do not know enough details to comment about the circumstances surrounding the accident and we will wait for the authorities to give us this information before we comment.

This is an incredibly difficult situation for me and our family as we are close with the young lady who died, as she was a close friend of our daughter. She was a beautiful young lady and she will be missed!

Chad [Lang] and Russ [Parker] are in Calgary and at the hospital with [the player] and his family but we do not have a status report on the extent of [the player's] injuries at this time.

We ask that both families be shown some courtesy at this difficult time and that all media inquiries be directed through Chad or myself [Brent Parker]. We will update you again later today on [the player's] situation. The tragedy here is the loss of life and we will not lose sight of this but we will support [the player] as a member of our organization as he deals with this situation."
*the name of the player has been removed due to his age and Canadian Law.


Cameron said...

You aren't supposed to publish his name, as he is a minor. You could get in a lot of trouble for this, if you are located in Canada. Even if you aren't, journalistic integrity demands that you edit your post to remove anything that might identify him, namely his name and the team he plays for.

I say this because I love what bloggers do for hockey news, it has opened my eyes as a fan. That said, if bloggers are to be taken seriously as journalists, they need to learn to play by the rules that govern the profession. Don't take this the wrong way, I love your site, I just thought it should be pointed out. Keep up the good work.

Guy Flaming said...

The Pats mentioned his name. The CTV Calgary link provides details on the accident. Neither assess blame directly to "the player". I've really done nothing but link to those two sources. If they can say what they said... what's the legal issue?

Was a person supposed to suggest that the two are unrelated events or something? How would that have made any sense?

Guy Flaming said...


Yahoo Canada's story:

WHL From Above:

Small Thoughts:

Canadian Press:

4 examples of other sources reporting on the incident and using his name.

Greg said...

I don't see how anyone here did anything wrong.
I am surprised that the Pats released his name as he is underage.
The police did not release his name the hockey club did.

darwinain said...

It was okay to post his name initially, but he's now been charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and refusing to provide a breath sample.

You may also want to edit the URL of the column, since the name is still clearly in it.

loopbankruptcy said...
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