Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Head to Head: Gibson Vs. Gibson

The NHL draft is fast approaching and we’ve put together some head to head match ups featuring 20 different prospects. We’ve consulted 10 scouts from 10 different organizations to get their opinions in 5 different categories and ultimately, who they would take if they had the final say.

Enjoy these and tune into The Pipeline Show on Saturday June 25th from 10-Noon MST for a complete, in-depth recap of round one and coverage of day 2.

For now here’s H2H: John Gibson Vs. Christopher Gibson

Tale of the Tape:

J.Gibson (G)................C.Gibson (G)
US-NTDP (USHL)..............Chicoutimi (QMJHL)
Height: 6'3.................Height: 6'0
Weight: 205 lbs............Weight: 193 lbs
2.64 GAA .918 SV%...........2.42 GAA .920 SV%
CS Rank: 1st................CS Rank: 2nd

Agility: Chris 8-2
Style: 8-2 John
Composure: 9-1 John
Glove: 4-4-2
Overall Game: 7-3 John

Who Would You Take?

John - "He's more of an NHL type goalie, Chris is a little smaller and not as athletic."

Chris - "He does more things to stop the puck, while John is more of a robot; he doesn't get around the net as fast as Chris."

John - "He's really athletic and quick but stays calm in the net. A solid goalie."

John - "He played in bigger games this year and proved himself by winning. I like John's size, it's well suited for the pro game."

John - "Great size, he just takes the net away with positioning and size. There is less movement in his game. Neither has a great glove but John is better because Chris drops his."

John - "6’3 vs 6’, that’s it for me. I like them both but those few inches can make all of the difference. Athleticism for sure would be Christopher but positioning and challenge would be John. Both have a high compete level though."

Chris - "I think I take the Chicoutimi kid. As a team we have the other one ranked higher but personally, after meeting him at the combine, I take chris. He was one of my top 5 interviews for sure. He really impressed me. He’s the hardest worker on his team too."

John - "I think he’s done more, he’s taken teams further. He’s a big guy yet he’s really mobile. He’ll be the first goalie taken in the draft, no doubt about it because he’s clearly a #1 goalie. He’s going to play in the NHL some day. There is nothing wrong with Christopher Gibson but one guy is clearly a better goalie."

Chris - "I think John is really reliable but i think Chris has a more competitive attitude, he’s more aggressive and at the next level I think you need to have that."

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