Monday, June 29, 2009

Springfield Free Agents

Last week I wrote a lengthy Oilers update that seems to have gone under the radar, I'm guessing because it came out on a weekend. With July 1st on the horizon fans are wondering which Edmonton prospects will or won't be re-signed and although I already passed on the information that I had on the subject, I'll quickly do so again.

Forwards - Stephane Goulet, Hans Benson, David Rohlfs and Tyler Spurgeon.
Defencemen - Sebastien Bisaillon, Mathieu Roy, Josef Hrabal (buy-out)
Goalie: Glenn Fisher

Bryan Young is being asked to accept a minor league deal and at this point I do not have an update on whether that will happen or not. Troy Bodie and Freddie Pettersson declined the same offer and became free agents.

Kevin Prendergast will be on The Pipeline Show on Tuesday and we'll check to see if there are any corrections that need to be made to my list. New Oiler prospect Kyle Bigos will make his debut on the radio program tomorrow night as well.

That update I linked to above also listed a few AHL players the Oilers have in mind for Springfield next year.

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