Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Edmonton Oilers Draft Preview

First Round Position: 10th

Best Picks in last 3 Years:

Sam Gagner-C-1st 2007
Jordan Eberle-C-1st 2008
Theo Peckham-D-3rd 2006
Jeff Petry-D-2nd 2008
Riley Nash-LW-1st 2007

Coming Down the Pipe - The Oilers are hoping that Sam Gagner starts next year the way he’s finished his first 2 NHL seasons. Theo Peckham should challenge for a roster spot next eyar, while Jeff Petry continues to season at Michigan State. Jordan Eberle became a Canadian hero last year at the WJC but should return to Regina next season. Riley Nash needs to make the most of a short season at Cornell while Alex Plante, the 3rd first round pick in 2007 had a bounce back season. The wild card in Edmonton’s draft deck is 2007 4th rounder Linus Omark who lit it up in Sweden but is playing in the KHL this year.

Draft Trends - The Oilers have been long known as a team that isn’t afraid to go the college route but Edmonton has taken just 3 players with college connections in the last 3 years and stayed away from NCAA players all together last year.

Millard: Oliver Ekman-Larsson-With Kulikov gone, the Oilers will settle for a skilled Swede on the back end instead of a Russian. Larsson was a second rounder in January, but has shot up the rankings almost as fast as his rocket shot.

Flaming: John Moore – The Oilers can’t afford to draft for present need so this good sized, 2-way D-man who is arguably the best skater in the draft might just be the best player available.


JP said...

I couldn't disagree with both of you more. THe last thing this team needs is another defenseman. The next last thing is another smallish forward.

The guy to be looking at is Glennie. It's a littel early to take him but most of the player inbetween don't fill a need. And I'm not a believer in Kassian.

J said...

I baffled at john moore. Not that he won;t be a nhl'er but I cannot imagine how the oilers don't grab OEL, or ellis here.

I mean obviously we try to move up but either kassian or glennie are much more likely than moore to me.

RyanB said...

What I'd really like to see is some size and skill up front, preferably on the wing. Kassian looks to fit that bill. Glennie has an obvious upside too but would just add to the excess the Oilers already have at center.

That being said I won't be disappointed if the Oil go for a dman. We've got some prospect already but an upper level blue line talent like OEL would be a nice addition.

speeds said...

I abhor the draft for need philosophy that some of the previous commenters seem to have.

(1) You don't know what your needs will be by the time the prospect is ready.

(2) Picking at 10 OV, there's a decent chance that any pick you make, even if it were a pick that didn't fill a need like a small, skilled forward, has more upside than any of the small forward EDM currently has in the lineup.

At 10, given the picks previously made, I would pick Schroeder at that spot. There are a number of other options in the conversation (Schroeder is the one I like, he's in my top 5 personally, at this point), of course, but picking for need at #10 should not be entertained by the Oilers.

If I'm EDM, I don't take Moore at 10 OV. I think there's a very good chance he'd still be there at 14 or so, so why not trade down, pick up a 2nd, and still get your guy?

Note for Guy - I'm not saying you would, or wouldn't recommend the same, because you seem to just be picking for teams where they sit. Do you think Moore would likely be available if EDM traded down 3-5 spots?

Millard - same question for Ekman-Larsson. I think it's less likely, based on what I've read, that he is available at 14, but still likely enough that trading down doesn't seem like a bad option to me if Ekman-Larsson is to be their pick. I suppose that depends how much they like Ekman-Larsson more than their next available pick.

Guy Flaming said...

Sorry Speeds, at the station golf tourney all day so am just checking in now.

Do I think Moore could be there later? For sure I do. We talked about it on the show fairly recently that we think he could be a guy that goes around 15-18 and then 3 years later people are saying "How the hell did John Moore fall to 17??".

He hasn't played in the big international events so hasn't been in the spotlight like Ellis has but everyone we've talked to raves about Moore's skating - and raves might not be a strong enough word for it.

As far as trading down goes, I agree. I actually think this is a great year for Edmonton to trade back 5 or 6 spots because they could still get a solid player and add another asset or two.

But for this mock we're just going with teams as they are positioned right now.

our final mock comes out June 23rd and there will be some changes as we spend the next 20 some days picking brains.

Dean Millard said...

@ JP and Ryanbatty, I think Glennie would be a great fit for the Oilers, in fact if they take a forward I think it will be him.

@ Speeds, great points and questions, BTW we answered them on the show tonight, www.thepipelineshow.com and click on media archive, Guy should have the show up later tonight.


Anonymous said...

John Moore? I love the guy, but there are better, especially where they sit now. At where they currently pick, they should be grabbing Glennie or Khadri (a guy who actually WANTS to handle the puck), over Moore. The #10 pick should still net them a forward with top 6 potential in the future.

But the honest truth is, right now... I load up and see if Atlanta wants some depth, immediate help, and the #10 pick for the #4.
Something like the #10, Nilsson, Chorney, and Omark for the #4. And I'd have no problem doing it in the least, if it gives us even a candle flicker of a chance at taking either Schenn or Kane.
Just one Monkey's take. ;)