Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday Night on TPS:Injury updates, Across the CHL, OK City Update And More

Tuesday night on The Pipeline Show featured a lively debate on a scary incident over the previous weekend, an interview with a potential 1st round pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, one of the most respected coaches in the NCAA, the GM of the hottest team in the AHL and of course a visit from CHL Insider Sam Cosentino.

Guy and I kicked things off Tuesday discussing and debating with the Sports Doctor the Brad Malone on Jesse Martin hit, that has the Edmonton native recovering in a Minnesota hospital with fractures in his neck.

One emailer thought the hit was because of a lack of respect in the game, I respectfully disagree. We also covered off the recent play of Vancouver's David Musil, Red Deer's Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Edmonton's Michael St. Croix, and wondered out loud why St. Croix's one handed wonder against Vancouver wasn't being promoted more by the Oil Kings. Why not put a few angles of it on their website as a feature story and tell your fans this is a reason to check out the next Oil King game. I ran several angles of the goal Saturday and Sunday on Global Television. This isn't my highlight package, but you can at least see the goal. The best angle isn't on this clip, but if you can find the behind the net camera, you will realize how impressive the goal was.

After playing Bad Ass trivia and reminding our listeners that Millwoods Golf Course is still open, we welcomed Oklahoma City GM Bill Scott who received good news in the form of Jeff Deslauriers today. The Barons who have won 4 straight will send Brian Pitton the the ECHL as soon as Deslauriers gets settled and expect the south paw to play a lot. From the crease to the blueline to the forward ranks we discussed Jeff Petry, Shawn Belle, Taylor Chorney, Linus Omark, Ryan O'Marra and Teemu Hartinkanen. Bill also told us that J.F. Jacques will arrive in Oklahoma City tomorrow for a conditioning stint.

Denver Head Coach George Gwozdecky joined us next. We obviously spent most of the time talking about Jesse Martin and his recovery. Gwozdecky gave us his opinion on the hit and how it brings back memories of Geoff Paukovich's hit on Robbie Bina from 2005. This time the roles are reversed and it's Denver who is dealing with the injured player. It's nice to hear that Martin did reach out to Malone regarding the hit in a positive way, as the Pioneer nation certainly know how the hit affected Paukovich's career. We ended the conversation by finding out how impressive former AJHL star Sam Brittain has been and the progress of a couple of freshman in Jason Zucker and Beau Bennett, where your idiot host messed up Bennett's birth place, thinking he was Canadian.

To start off hour #2, Michael St. Croix of the Oil Kings was our 2011 draft prospect, and he took us through his terrific goal from Saturday night. St. Croix in my mind has steadily improved this season, to where he's not just all offence. He's certainly not there yet, but is on his way to becoming a more complete player, and the credit can be split between the player and his head coach Derek Laxdal. (Photo: Andy Devlin / Edmonton Oil Kings)

The final two segments we spend with out CHL insider from Rogers Sportsnet, Sam Cosentino, brought to you by J and J Wholesale Truck and Auto. We discussed how strong Portland is now and how the Swiss won't sneak up on anyone at the World Juniors. Who might be next to return to their junior team. The look ahead for Moncton without and Lewiston with Kirril Kabanov, and how concussions are being dealt with in junior hockey. Guy and Sam discussed the upcoming Subway Super Series on Rogers Sportsnet, and how once again Guy thinks it could be overhauled for the enjoyment of all. An emailer also wondered about Dale Hawerchuk's situation in Barrie.

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SumOil said...

I am actually happy that Nino was sent back. Chl is a very good developmental league and it is never a bad idea to send guys back to the juniors. Its not like Nino dominated W last season. I think this is an excellend opportunity for him to show that he really is a top flight prospect not only due to his potential but also his performance.