Thursday, April 2, 2009

Predictions from The Pipeline Show and Pals

The puck drops on the WHL's second round playoff series tonight, and like we did in the first round, The Pipeline Show and some of our pals are making predictions. But first here's how the first round went for us.

Allan Bristowe-TPS Western Correspondant/PGTV - 4-0 (only predicited west)
Rod Pedersen-Voice of the Regina Pats - 2-2 (only predicted east)
Cam Moon-Voice of the Red Deer Rebels - 2-2 (only predicted east)
A.J. Jakubec-Voice of the Edmonton Oil Kings - 7-1
Guy Flaming-TPS - 6-2
Dean Millard-TPS - 8-0

So here we go for round two:

Medicine Hat Vs. Brandon

Moon: Wheat Kings in 6

Millard: Wheat Kings in 6

Pedersen: Wheat Kings in 6

Flaming: Wheat Kings in 6

Jakubec: Wheat Kings in 5

Bristowe: Wheat Kings in 6

Lethbridge Vs. Calgary

Moon: Hitmen in 5

Millard: Hitmen in 6

Pedersen: Hitmen in 6

Flaming: Hitmen in 6

Jakubec: Hitmen in 5

Bristowe: Hitmen in 5

Spokane Vs. Vancouver

Moon: Giants in 6

Millard: Giants in 7

Pedersen: Giants in 6

Jakubec: Giants in 6

Flaming: Giants in 6

Bristowe: Giants in 6

Kelowna Vs. Tri City

Moon: Rockets in 7

Millard: Rockets in 6

Flaming: Rockets in 6

Pedersen: Rockets in 6

Jakubec: Rockets in 5

Bristowe: Rockets in 7

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Guy Flaming said...

I bet we end up tied in this round.