Thursday, April 2, 2009

Omark strikes again

Another dandy from an Oilers prospect overseas. See for yourself

I love how the coaches are busting a nut laughing on the bench after the goal.

2 things about this goal. Apparently it was a friendly game between Sweden and Switzerland. The other is that his name is spelled Linus, but he's not like the Charlie Brown character. It's pronounced "Lee-nus." Oilers assistant general manager Kevin Prendergast told me a while back, that Omark went out of his way to make that point.

Would Omark try that move in a regular season or playoff game? Why the hell not, if it works who cares. Isn't the point to fool or catch the goalie off guard. I for one applaud this stuff.

I really hope that Omark signs with the Oilers and we get to see if the 4th round pick from 2007 can compete for a roster spot here or in Springfield, or is just another small skilled European who struggles in North America. Maybe we'll see some of this from Omark at the World Hockey Championship later this month in Switzerland.

Until then, here's another one from Omark to wet your appetite.


Eetu Huisman said...

"Apparently it was a friendly game and not a real important one for Brynas."

It was a friendly between Team Sweden and Team Switzerland. Brynäs was swept by Färjestad on the first round of Elitserien playoffs.

Dean Millard said...

thanks Eetu, change has been made.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Omark and Johan Harju (TBay draft pick from 2007) signed with Dynamo Moscow..

I posted on it but was uncertain about what this does to his status as an Oiler. Is there any compensation from the KHL or he now dust in the wind?