Thursday, November 19, 2009

Should Stamkos Make Olympic Team?

Last year I wrote something asking if Jonathan Toews should get Olympic team consideration. With his versatility and return from injury, I can't see him not being named to the team.

So now let's consider another young star. Steven Stamkos. With a terrific goal tonight where he put away a backhand while falling down,

he now has 14 goals and 22 points, tying him for 15th in league scoring, and 10th among Canadian skaters. He's red hot right now with 11 goals and 4 helpers in his last 13 games.

I know your first question will be, who does Stamkos replace if he's going to play centre? Well noone, but he doesn't have to play down the middle. He's smart, fast, and skilled. I'm not saying he should be a lock for the team, but Canada can't ignore young stars like they did in 2006 when Sidney Crosby was left off the squad.

Stamkos was one of the names brought up quite a bit this summer when I was at the Olympic orientation camp. Steve Yzerman was apparently watching him play the Ducks tonight and has to be impressed with the start. At the very least the sophomore deserves to make the taxi squad, if it exists this season.

What do you think?


Guy Flaming said...

That's a ridiculous display of eye/hand coordination. I thought the goal Tavares scored last year in the WJC exhibition against was unbelievable... this was just as good.

Should he make the team? Tough to say that he should definitively be on the roster simply because of the talent pool available for Canada. However, I think it is fair to say that he definitely has to be in the conversation.

Vik said...

He's 14th or 15th on my list right now but could definitely move up if he keeps playing like he has been.

And that goal is just ridiculous.