Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Pipeline Show Picks Are IN

So Dean and I decided to give everyone a free advance look at our entries into the 3rd Annual Pipeline Show Hockey Pool. We've already gotten piles of entries including some from as far away as Finland (good luck picking up your monthly prize pack or the fridge at the end buddy!) and that's after just a couple of days.

So without further ado, here's how "The Flaming Nots" and "Millard's House of Losers" are shaping up... just kidding, Dean's team is "Duckman's Dynasty". Speaking of a couple of 'Nots', that's us at last year's Edmonton Minor Hockey Media game in the photo.

1. Toews - Toews
2. Mueller - Gagner
3. Gilbert - Gilbert
4. Raymond - Raymond
5. Perron - S.Kostitsyn
6. Little - Bolland
7. Ryan - Hensick
8. Russell - Johnson
9. Brassard - Brassard
10. Purcell - Matthias
11. Pietrangelo - Doughty
12. Turris - Turris
13. Giroux - Giroux
14. Helm - Brunnstrom
15. Glencross - Lucic

Now to be honest, we did make a conscious effort to pick different guys in some cases but hey, an injury here or a trade there and who knows... things can change in a hurry with players this age.

We also didn't include some guys who could actually make significant debuts in the NHL this year like Mikkel Boedker. But that's the way it goes.

Have fun and make sure you enter! To see more details on the players available and instructions on how to enter... click the link in the first paragraph above.

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