Monday, September 22, 2008

O'Marra On The Mend

Since the Oilers hit the ice for training camp, I've had a number of media members comment to me that Ryan O'Marra looked out of place. The most common theme was his skating ability, or apparent lack there of. While I'll admit O'Marra isn't the fleetest of foot, I didn't think it was as bad as everyone had said. I watched him a little more closely during the Bears vs. Oilers Rookies game and will say he seemed to be a half step behind.

I think though there is a reason for this.

O'Marra told me today, he was ill during all of rookie camp, and actually was sick during the game against the Bears. He said he lost about 10 pounds due to what he thinks was the flu. He said he was even "shut down" for 2 days in order to recover.

The 15th overall pick from 2005 has pronounced himself healthy now and ready to resume his quest to impress the coaching staff. O'Marra is set to play on a line with Hans Benson and Liam Reddox tonight, which is an interesting combination. Reddox is a spark plug, a do-it-all kind of player and we all know what Benson can do. O'Marra will hopefully run a few guys over, play responsible defence and force a few turnovers. If he does that, the Oilers will be happy, if he doesn't finish his checks, then he'll earn a ticket to Springfield sooner than he hoped.

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