Friday, June 25, 2010

Things you hear on draft day

Only a few more hours now before we know who comes out on top, Tyler or Taylor. But there are so many other interesting stories in round one and beyond.

The biggest wild card of the first round has to be Brett Connolly. He put up 30 goals as a 16 year old, but played only 16 games (putting up 19 points) because of a reoccurring hip injury. Scouts have told me if Connolly was healthy this year, he would be challenging Hall and Seguin for the top spot. So Connolly's potential is top 3, but his injury might drop him out of the top 5. Not the top 10 though. I'm told Florida has informed the Connolly camp they will be taking a defenceman, most likely Eric Gudbranson. Tampa Bay is calling the Prince George Cougars every hour it seems, trying to get a health update. Just in case he broke his hip getting out of the shower???? So the Lightning really like him. Atlanta didn't fly Connolly in for a visit, but the Minnesota Wild did, and have told the Prince George Cougar he won't get passed him if he's available. Meaning the free fall, if it happens, will end at 9.

Kirill Kabanov was on with Neilson and Chase this morning on the TEAM 1260 live from LA. It was interesting that he said one of his former agents (he's on his 3rd this year) told him to leave Moncton for the Russian Under 18 team. I have it on good authority that his father is the one who advised him to do this. Dmitry Chesnekov of joined TPS recently and said compared to Kabanov's fathers, Carl Lindros might be father of the year.

Will Beau Bennett become a Predator. I know one of their scouts is pushing really hard for Nashville to take him. I guess we'll see what kind of influence he has. The scout has been able to suggest some gems in the past for Nashville.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been desperate for a centre for a long time. Today on Nielson and Chase, CBJ beat writer Aaron Portzline said Columbus might trade down. If so, would Portland's Ryan Johanssen be worth dropping down for? He finished 2nd on team scoring this year, and led them in post season points, putting up 2 more then Nino Niederriter. Johanssen has great vision and is a set up man with size. When he bulks up he could be a force with Rick Nash in a few years.

Can't wait for it all to go down. Guy and I along with Corey Graham will be your hosts for The Pipeline Show Draft Day coverage, starting at 5 pm mst on the TEAM 1260 in Edmonton, where you can also listen online.


Mark-Ryan said...

Hey, are you guys going to archive your draft day coverage? Think the Team will have podcasts up?

I watched it but I still want to hear your takes and live reactions to the picks.

Mark-Ryan said...

I'll take that as a no...

Mark-Ryan said...

Ah, how could I ever have doubted you guys!

Much thanks and a pre-emptive good job. I don't know what I'd do with TPS.

Guy Flaming said...


I planned on uploading Day 1 on Friday night but was bagged when I got home. I was able to get both Day 1 and 2 archived on Saturday but after so much build up and prep for our draft show I was pretty wiped out. Lots of late nights have caught up with me. I'd take a vacation but Millard beat me to it.

Thanks for the kind words about our program, we're glad you enjoy the show!