Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kassian Fight Stalls Contract Talks With Sabres

So a 19 year old gets into a bar fight and leaves his opponent with a chipped tooth and a bleeding mouth. Normally it wouldn't' be that big of news, but that 19 year old is 13th overall draft pick in 2008 and a Memorial Cup champion Zack Kassian.

Now it appears the incident at a Windsor night club may be giving the Buffalo Sabres second thoughts on signing him.

You can read the story here.

I highly doubt this will make the Sabres bail on Kassian all together, unless there is more to the story.


Mark-Ryan said...

No, but "punishing" Kassian by breaking off contract talks is a really strange notion.

Either he'll get a contract in a fall or he'll hold more chips next Spring as the June 2011 deadline grows closer.

Delaying his signing bonus?

Guy Flaming said...

Good Call M-R.

Maybe the Sabres know something we don't, maybe there are "problems" they want him to take care of before they invest that signing bonus into him like you suggest Mark-Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Didn't a guy named Lindros throw a beer at someone in a bar when he was younger.
Then when Alexander Daigle was asked what the difference between him and Lindros was he said "I drink my beer"