Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warriors Hire Stothers: Dave Barr set to join Devils

As Rod Pedersen reported earlier this week, the Moose Jaw Warriors hired Mike Stothers today as head coach. Assistant coach Mike Vandenberghe was also retained as an assistant coach. The official release can be found here.

Stothers wasn't the tribe's first choice however. As TPS reported during the NHL draft G.M. Alan Millar had offered the job to Dave Barr, and Barr had accepted it with the condition that he could pursue an NHL gig. Eventually the Warriors had to move on to someone else and that was Stothers.

So where does that leave Dave Barr? According to one source of mine, he'll be hired on to be an Assistant Coach with the New Jersey Devils. While Lou Lamoriello told Rich Chere of the Star-Ledger that the team won't name a head coach this week, that doesn't mean they haven't hired one yet. My source says the Devils have all but settled on someone and whoever that choice is, will hire Barr as his assistant, and that's why he couldn't commit to the Warriors in Moose Jaw.


Anonymous said...

Seems all the coaching jobs are about filled does that mean Clouston will be the odd man out? Think it will be tough to get back into it the longer he's out?

Dean Millard said...

I think he will surface soon or he'll take a year off. Someone a while ago mentioned Europe to me as an option for him. Or he could join somewhere as an Assistant.