Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Mind It Is A Changin'

Yesterday I reported that Taylor Chorney was not going to attend Oilers prospect camp this weekend. Today the Oilers are saying he is coming. In an earlier entry I penned that this was what I thought would happen in the end. Was it just posturing from the Chorney camp? In my opinion yes.

I have been told that there is no change when it comes to contract negotiations, but there is time to get that done, and maybe by being in Edmonton it will give Chorney the incentive to get one done, despite what he might be hearing from his advisor and others.

The main thing is that the promising 2nd round pick from 2005 will be in attendance and will get some guidance on the kind of off season training he'll need for next year, which let's hope is in Springfield and not back at the University of North Dakota.

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Anonymous said...

About time that the kid came to his senses. It's been apparent that he has wanted to turn pro at the conclusion of his Junior season since prior to this season. Upsetting the Oilers organization is not the best way to accomplish that. Unless the Oilers are trying to low ball him to the point that it's insulting, he should just try to get the deal done and become a pro hockey player. If he rubs the Oilers the wrong way, they could end up dealing him as they are already rich in puck moving d-men under the age of 25.