Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joe's Journey - Day 9

Each Day of the Royal Bank Cup, Camrose Kodiaks forward Joe Colborne, who's predicted to be a first round NHL draft pick this June will give us a first hand look at what it's like playing for a National Championship. (photo courtesy Camrose Kodiaks) Here's Day 9, Saturday May 10th, 2008:

It was a chance for some redemption for a few of us veterans today, as we put the memories of quintuple overtime loss in the RBC Semi-finals behind us with a 3-0 win over the Weeks Crushers. Despite the win, it was certainly not our best game, as some nerves were apparent at the start of the game. If not for a big save by York on a penalty shot, and a huge goal by Andrew MacWilliam (Yes Andrew, he finally scored!) the game could have been very different. The ref was in shock when he was asked for the puck, and actually laughed a little bit when we let him know the goal was Mac's first ever in Junior! But Mac has been telling us that he was saving it for an important time, and it couldn't have been much more important than today.

We were pretty excited to play in the afternoon semi-final, as it gives us some extra rest time, but it did make us get up a little earlier this morning. We had a pregame meal at about 10 am, and I made the choice (a very wrong one at that) to have fettuchini alfredo. I thought the early time of day wouldn't matter, as I usually enjoy eating the meal. I won't be making the same mistake tomorrow, as I will go with a more traditional breakfast. For dinner, we went to a great restaurant called "Shoeless Joe's", and I got about 15 brutal jokes from diferent teammates with something to do about me, the restaurant, and an apparent lack of shoes. Other than the fact that it took forever to get our food, it was a great meal!

Now, Nigel and I are back in the room and will be going to bed shortly, because, as Bo has told us many times, "The chance may never come again".

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Bailey said...

I drove By the restaurant and saw the team and i saw a shoe flying at your head!