Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The WHL responds to Paul Kelly Tonight.

Last week former NHLPA head Paul Kelly stirred things up with his comments about the CHL. Kelly now works for College Hockey Inc and had some unflattering things to say about the CHL. After the interview we were contacted by the WHL who requested a chance to respond to Paul Kelly, so tonight Commish Ron Robison will join us.

After that we'll dive into our CHL preview portion as we'll disect each country with the help of Brad Elliot Schlossman, Jamie Thomas and Sam Cosentino.

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Anonymous said...

That dub commish is full of it. I guess it is all about towing the company line and to lie your face off. I mean, come on. A typical response from someone who is incredibly insecure.

Anonymous said...

Grateful for the archive guys! And good stuff getting Robison and Kelly to interview.