Friday, March 16, 2012

Halmo gets 10 games from OHL

The OHL has continued the trend of coming down hard on dangerous hits as today they suspended Owen Sound forward Mike Halmo 10 games for his hit to the head of Sarnia star Nail Yakupov.

The video and explanation can be found here. Halmo is a repeat offender which is part of the reason he has received the 10 spot, had it been his first suspension would he have been handed half of that? Yakupov could be out for the season. Now, part of this responsibility in my opinion falls on Yakupov. It sure looks looks like to me that he drops his head and reaches for the puck. If he doesn't do that can he get out of the way? Is it then a clean hit? If so, why is this Halmo's fault? Just food for thought as you head into your weekend. You tell us.

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Jess Rubenstein said...

The part that is not shown is the moment after the hit, Halmo is already looking to see who he is going to fight.

That bugged me more than the hit itself because if there was no intent to injure then why are you standing there ready to fight?

If you believe you just made a hockey play then you keep playing but stopping and waiting for the fight is why he winds up getting suspended.