Monday, September 12, 2011

Winterhawks cancel game due to lack of players

Just how good could the Portland Winterhawks be this season? Well they had to cancel a pre season game because of a lack of players. That might not sound good on the surface, but when you find out the reason, you will realize how good their talent level could be this year.

According to After The Whistle 15 players are at NHL training camps which left the team with only 16 skaters for this past weekends games. One player was hurt and another was claimed leaving them with just 14 and not enough to play Seattle on Friday night.

A few years back the Hawks were forced to play with 14 skaters but for a different reason. Previous ownership wasn't so popular and kids were quitting. Add to that injuries and it was a thin bench.

Nice to see times have changed for the better and if the Hawks get most of their NHL camp guys back they will be dominant this season.

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