Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TPS Mock Draft Results

Last night Dean and I rattled off the remaining 5 picks to complete or Mock Draft... here are the final results. Keep in mind that we started making these picks over a month ago and if we were both to redo it today there would be plenty of changes. Nevertheless, here you go (Guy's picks on the left and Dean's picks on the right):

1. (TBY) Stamkos - Stamkos
2. (LA) Doughty - Doughty
3. (ATL) Bogosian - Pietrangelo
4. (STL) Pietrangelo - Bogosian
5. (NYI) Filatov - Filatov
6. (CLB) Schenn - Myers
7. (TOR) Boedker - Hodgson
8. (PHX) Hodgson - Schenn
9. (NSH) Beach - Wilson
10.(VAN) Myers - Boedker
11.(CHI) Wilson - Beach
12.(ANH) Teubert - Teubert
13.(BUF) Bailey - Boychuk
14.(CAR) Boychuk - Bailey
15.(NSH) Nemisz - Colborne
16.(BOS) Robak - Sbisa
17.(CGY) Colborne - Tedenby
18.(OTT) DelZotto - Robak
19.(CLB) Sbisa - Nemisz
20.(NYR) Tedenby - Carlson
21.(NJ) Pickard - Pickard
22.(EDM) Eberle - Eberle
23.(WSH) Carlson - Petrov
24.(MIN) Gardiner - DelZotto
25.(MTL) Stefanovich - Toews
26.(BUF) Cuma - Cuma
27.(PHI) Ness - Karlsson
28.(LA) Dalpe - Grachev
29.(ATL) Sauve - Dalpe
30.(DET) Karlsson - Deschamps

After the fact I know I for sure would not have Nemisz, Stefanovich or Sauve in my top 30. I would likely bump up Colin Wilson, John Carlson, Tyler Cuma and Erik Karlsson and I would try and find a place for goalies Jacob Markstrom and Jake Allen.

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