Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oilers Prospects: Deadline Report

Just some interesting tidbits I've been able to dig up recently which I wanted to get out there prior to the NHL's trade deadline as some of them fly in the face of other recent rumors flying around.

Broadway Schremp?

on Sunday Larry Brooks of the New York Post stated that "the Rangers have spoken with the Edmonton Oilers regarding the possibility of acquiring Oilers prospect Robbie Schremp."

I've never met Mr. Brooks but he's long had the reputation of being more than happy to stir the pot, and seemingly with a preference to the Oilers. I remember that it was he who wrote that Craig MacTavish had lost the lockeroom and that his firing was all but a certainty, that was back in Jarret Stoll's rookie season if I recall correctly. During the lock out he was also one of those who bashed the small market teams, singling out Edmonton, who supported Gary Bettman believing that the the tail was wagging the dog while clubs like the Rangers were being penalized for being located where they are.

That said, I'm sure a journalist of his caliber has sources and so if he says the Rangers have expressed an interest in Rob Schremp then who am I to question that? But, I have Oiler sources and they tell me differently. In fact, I'm told that NO ONE has enquired about Schremp (picture courtesy Getty Images).

Now I certainly am open to the possibility that the Oiler organization is telling me one thing while they've got their fingers crossed behind their back; that happens. But that's what I'm told.

Sure Schremp might come up in a package deal or something but apparently, no one is going out of their way (at this point) to pluck him from the Oilers.

That's not to say that the New York Rangers haven't talked to Edmonton at all though, because from my end it sounds like they have. And it is a prospect. And it is a center.

My impression is that New York's interest is actually in Marc Pouliot.

Power to the Pouliot

When the Oilers declared Shawn Horcoff's season over I immediately dug into which farmhand would be on the top of the recall list. Of course the fans want to see Schremp up but his wasn't the first, nor the second or even the third name mentioned to me as possibilities. (Evidenttly the Oilers agree with Dean Millard about keeping Schremp in the AHL for the year).

It appears that Marc Pouliot's play has him poised at the top of the heap and that if not for injury, Jean-Francois Jacques would also garner strong consideration. It will be interesting to see what happens after the trade deadline now that captain Ethan Moreau is on the shelf, assuming both of those players are still Oiler property. Jacques is clearly the more Moreau-esque but some in the organization want to see Pouliot in NHL action again before the end of the season, obviously in order to help make a key contract decision this summer.

Syvret Out, Potulny in?

The Oilers have swapped minor leaguers with the Hershey Bears by sending 2005 3rd round pick Danny Syvret for 2000 5th round pick Grant Potulny. (Not to be confused with brother Ryan Potulny of the Flyers... who was a 3rd round pick in 2003).

So does that mean Syvret is no longer Oiler property? Nope.

It's a loan until the end of the season and that's it. The Oilers needed to get bigger up front in Springfield as their farm team there tries to hold onto a playoff spot but are "taking a beating". Potulny helps the cause checking in at 6'3 and 204 lbs.

Both players are RFA (restircted free agents) at the end of the year; Syvret appears in tough to earn a second contract from the Oilers while Potulny's 4 goal effort on Sunday obviously helps his cause.

Blueline Shortage... AGAIN

Don't look now but with Ladislav Smid on the limp the NHL club is down to 6 defencemen. You'd expect help to be coming from the farm but I'm told that the Falcons are down to 5 healthy D as well what with the injuries to Allan Rourke (wrist) and Sebatien Bisaillon (leg) as well as the departure of Syvret (loaned to Hershey).

That leaves Bryan Young, Theo Peckham and T.J. Kemp as the only potential recalls but if Edmonton can manage without a healthy scratch on the backend, they will because even Stockton is void of rearguard resources right now.

That's going to have to suffice for now. I have a bunch of things I'm keeping to myself at the moment that I'll reveal in the upcoming Top 20 list over at HF. That list, just for the sake of teasing, has been decided and I'll tell you this much: A new #1, 4 players make their top 20 debut and at least 2 make a return to the list after missing out last time. If you're one of those who'll try to make predictions, keep in mind that Cogliano and Gagner will have "graduated" by then and that Pouliot, at 63 games played already, is just 2 short of fllowing suit so a call up could take him out of play.

Shameless Plug

Don't forget that on Tuesday (Deadline Day) TEAM 1260 will be all over the festivities all day starting bright and early with Corey Graham and Jake Daniels up until 10AM when Bryn Griffiths and Bob Stauffer take over. Jason Gregor and Robin Brownlee assume the reins at 3PM until 6 when Dean and I jump in for a special 3-hour edition of The Pipeline Show. Will Fraser captains Just A Game from 9-Midnight.

On that day, The Pipeline Show will focus on the prospects involved in the day's deals. We have Kevin Prendergast on stand by should the Oilers be involved in sending prospects out or acquiring new ones plus Mike Oke from ISS will also be on hand to help dissect the movement of other CHL or college players.

You can listen all day long via the web by clicking on the 'Listen Live' link at the main TPS site.


doritogrande said...

When exactly will the Top20 be up?

I like the possibility of dealing with the Rangers. What do you think it'd take to get Nigel Dawes in Oiler colours? Staios and a prospect, or maybe Pitkanen?

Guy Flaming said...

I think Pitkanen would bring back more than just Dawes, who i like but he's tiny and doesn't have Pitkanen's impact on a game.

I don't know why Dawes would be on the market really, he's put up decent points this year. But if he is, he's a fit because he's a LW.

Maybe you can package Pouliot and Torres and get Dawes and a decent pick or two?

doritogrande said...

If Torres and Pouliot is all it'll take to get us Dawes, then sign me up. Speedy Winger who knows how to play West Coast hockey, yeah I like that. I think he'd be the ideal candidate for Hemsky's triggerman. Sure, he's undersized, but so was Theo Fleury and look what he did.