Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where There's Smoke...

...There's someone's pants on fire.

In case you're wondering, that's the logo for the Malmö Redhawks, a team normally playing in the Swedish Elite League but was so crappy last year that they were relegated to a lower level for 2007-08. It's also the team that is covered by Kent Jonsson, the journalist that first mentioned the possibility of Rob Schremp heading to Sweden next year.

From what information I have been able to gather, "Sydsvenskan" is a reputable publication, a newspaper in the southern region of Sweden and the writer is respected. His Schremp story appears to have been published on the newspaper's blog not that it gives the credibility any less weight.

In fairness to the writer, one of the volunteer translators who has converted the article to English for me indicates that Mr. Jonsson has so far only called this a rumor on his end. My experience certianly pales in comparison to the Robin Brownlee's and Jim Matheson's of the world, but my experience tells me that you don't publish rumors without there being a little bit of truth for you to stand on or pretty soon your credibility is shot. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that Mr. Jonsson is simply making this story up.

Again, I've contacted everyone involved in this story from the Oilers to Schremp to Scott Norton (Schremp's agent) and all deny any knowledge of this. So I contacted Mr. Jonsson who was kind enough to reply by saying: "My source is reliable. Someone is shopping Schremp around."

So the story I thought was dead just produced a pulse.

Someone's pants are on fire but who's the liar?


fakedarylkatz said...

For better or worse I expect Schremp to be traded this summer. I'm hoping as part of package or to move up in the draft. The injury to his leg couldn't have happened at a worse time for him and now all the chairs are full when the music stopped.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you LT, something smells fishy on both ends of this rumour.