Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Night On TPS

Tuesday night we were joined by the most talked about prospect leading up to the NHL trade deadline, a Michigan Wolverine/"love expert"/Ottawa Senator, a Top (Sea) Dog for the NHL draft and our CHL insider from Rogers Sportsnet.

In the first segment we recapped the NHL trade deadline from a prospect point of view. Did the Oilers get enough for Dustin Penner and how does this deal compare to the original signing of Penner. Can Kevin Montgomery follow the same path as Tom Gilbert? The Bruins and Wild swapped European prospects while the Flyers bulked up big time with Tom Sestito and we wondered why the Oilers didn't look into acquiring the 6.05 inch 230 pound 4th liner?

Our first guest was our 2011 draft prospect of the week, Nathan Beaulieu from the #1 ranked St. John Sea Dogs of the QMJHL. Guy wondered if there were similarities between Beaulieu and 2010 first rounder Brandon Gormley of the Moncton Wildcats. I wanted to know if the Sea Dogs see themselves as this year's Windsor Spitfires? The dogs are loaded with draft prospects and could see 4 chosen in the first round.

From there we welcomed Michigan Wolverine senior forward Louie Caporusso to the program and had some fun with a YouTube video of the assistant captain that was shot for a Valentines promotion at U of M. Caporusso was a good sport and had some fun with the questions. The Wolverines clinched first place recently and he told us how they'll deal with some time off before their next action March 11th. The Senior came to Michigan from the St. Michaels Buzzer pipeline just like Andrew Cogliano and Mike Cammellari did in the past. Caporusso's point totals are down this year, but he gave us a pretty good explanation of why he thinks that's the case.

To kick off the second hour of the show, the most popular prospect at the NHL trade deadline was back on TPS. Brayden Schenn told us about what the last few weeks were like with his name popping up in so many trade rumours. Did the Kings ever tell him he wasn't going to be dealt? Did he talk with Oiler forward and former WJC teammate Jordan Eberle about possibly becoming an Oiler? Schenn's Blades are tops in the Eastern Conference and will be in Edmonton Wednesday night to face the Wheat Kings. He gave us scouting reports on Duncan Siemens (2011 prospect) and Curtis Hamilton (Oilers 2010) as well as told us what the last 12-14 months have been like with all the different teams he's suited up for.

We rounded out the show with 2 segments from our CHL insider Sam Cosentino of Rogers Sportsnet. The CHL on Sportsnet has produced some great games in the last little while and you can watch Sean Couturier and Drummondville this Sunday. Sam gave us his thoughts about where St. John forward Jonathan Huberdeau fits among the top 5 prospects for the 2011 draft, as well as some possible playoff format changes in the OHL. He also touched on the Oil Kings and how goaltender Laurent Brossoit ranks among the other draft eligible goaltenders this year and who pint size point producer Dylan Wruck reminds him off.

If you missed it live, click the archive....here.


SumOil said...

I see you guys had some fun at my expense! Oilogosphere is a word I first encountered reading David Staple's work.


SumOil said...

btw..I konw that no offense meant..and none taken either

Guy Flaming said...

Hey I know what is meant by the Oilogosphere... Dean's the mainstream media curmudgeon.

SumOil said...

I listened to it again and I noticed that you did chime in to explain what it mean. Meh...doesnt matter as long as the meaning is conveyed.
Also I gotto say, you guys got my name right. Generally people pronounce the 'sum' part the 'sum' from summmit, but its more like sue+m which you guys got it right! I was pleasantly surprised!
But regarding m question:
Say all things equal between two prospects even points and only difference being one scored 50 ES points and 30 PP ones and the other scores 30 ES points and 50 PP points, does that make no bearing into deciding which prospect is superior?

Guy Flaming said...

Are regular strength goals worth more than power play goals?

Is Teemu Selanne a bad player because 11 of his 20 goals this year are on the PP? What about Jarome Iginla who gets 31% of his points on the PP?

Just my opinion but I'm sure if like a 75/25 split for PP over reg. points then maybe it's a concern.

The best players will get PP time and they SHOULD be scoring then.

It's an overrated concern for me. I'm sure I'm in the minority.