Saturday, March 5, 2011

MSU - Alaska Post Game Incident

Halfway through our 'Game Day' edition of The Pipeline Show this morning we received word that there allegedly was a post game incident involving Michigan State Head Coach Rick Comley and some Alaska fans last night.

The Nanooks beat the Spartans in overtime to kick off the CCHA playoffs. Michigan had a goal disallowed which led to Alaska scoring the game winner. Here is the story as we have been told:

Comley was conducting a post game interview when a fan walked by and told him to "quit whining about everything." As you would expect, this likely irritated Comley and he allegedly left his post game interview and confronted the fan. The word 'snapped' was used in describing this to us, but we weren't there so we can't say for sure.

Some people we have spoken to said there was some pushing, but others we have contacted couldn't confirm that. What makes this story even more interesting or worrisome depending on who you are, is that we've been told a Superior Court Judge and a Lawyer were among the fans that Comley allegedly got involved with.

Comley is leaving (some say he is being pushed out of) Michigan State at the end of the season, so that combined with a controversial finish may have led to the Head Coach reaching his boiling point, and if the Spartans lose tonight it will mean his tenure with MSU will be over, a run that started in 2002 and included a National Championship in 2007. He also coached at Lake Superior State and Northern Michigan where he won the Frozen Four in 1991. This year was Comley's 26th straight coaching D-1 hockey.

An unrelated story suggests that Comley arrived in Alaska in a foul mood.

We'll post more details about this story as it develops.

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Alaskan gal said...

Comley needs to make a private apology to those he attacked and public apology to the CCHA, UAF, and MSU.