Thursday, March 17, 2011

MJHL Mele:Coaches Caught On Tape

Remember the final scene in Youngblood where Racki and Dean Youngblood square off and start the fight by jabbing at one another with their sticks? Of course you do, it's the greatest hockey movie ever made.

What happened in the MJHL on March 12th isn't really as bad as the ending to Youngblood (really? Youngblood is allowed to hit Racki in the head with his stick while everyone including Hanna the ref stands around watching and cheering?) but it's still hard to believe and bad news for the MJHL.

The Good news is Commish Kim Davis acted swift and severe by handing out 86 games in suspensions and thousands of dollars in fines.

Tip of the cape to Neate Sager of Buzzing The Net for alerting us to this story. Here is the official MJHL release.

What gets lost in the amazement that 2 coaches were scrapping is the vicious hit that sparked the powder keg. Thankfully the bulk of the suspensions went to Jesse Enns of Swan Valley who was benched 40 games by Davis. Each scrapping coach - Dallas Anderson of the Stamps and Jim Tkachyk - was handed a 22 game suspension, while Stampeders bench boss Dwayne Kirkup was given 2 games for not controlling his bench.

Old time hockey returned for one night in Swan Valley.

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