Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liambas at it again: The CIS version

Mike Liambas, the former Erie Otter forward who crushed 16 year old Ben Fanelli last season and was suspended for the rest of the year, was on the attack again last night.

Liambas, now playing for the UBC Thunderbirds, went after University of Alberta captain Eric Hunter. According to Bears head coach Eric Thurston in a Globe and Mail article, Hunter is out with a concussion.
"Liambis goes right after Hunter and drops his gloves and hits him from the side and behind then plants him into the ice. Hunter had cuts under his right eye and stitches and he’s had headaches and dizziness. Our trainers were with him all night and the doctor will be examining him today."
To refresh your memory, here is the hit last year that ended the over aged forward's OHL career with a season ending suspension.

Fanelli suffered a fractured skull on that play, Hunter seems to have escaped severe injury, but with concussions you never know.
“I have a kid (Hunter) in business, an honour’s student and an academic all-Canadian. What happens with him going to school? With his exams? Hockey is hockey. These guys are preparing for academic life. What if he has to sit out the semester?”
There's no doubt Liambas will face some kind of suspension, but it likely won't matter as the Thunderbirds season will end tonight. The Bears might be without their captain and arguably best player for the playoffs which start next week.

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Greg said...

This is sad to say the least.
I was fortunate enough to watch Eric thru his entire jr. career and was involved in his draft by Chicago.
Eric, in my mind still has the skill sets to play in the AHL or NHL.
Great young man.
I did not see this "attack" but I can only imagine.
I wish Eric the very best!