Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Reset

Well it was an interesting 2 plus hours on The TEAM 1260 last night. We took over from Corey Graham after the post game show and covered quite a bit of ground in the world of prospects on The Pipeline Show.

We kicked things off with Sam Cosentino from Rogers Sportsnet, breaking down the skills competition at the Top Prospects game and looking ahead to the game on Wednesday.

From there we spoke with Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal about the season so far for the NCAA Badgers and other contenders in the WCHA including a suddenly surging North Dakota, a slumping Minnesota and the perennial powerhouse Pioneers from Denver.

After playing Bad Ass trivia and giving away a Dean Youngblood T-shirt courtesy of Mad Brothers, we spoke with Oilers prospect Rob Schremp who was ripped by Craig MacTavish Sunday morning. Both Guy and I don't have a particular problem with what MacTavish said about Schremp, but mostly with who he said it to. What did Schremp think? Hear for yourself, and also check out Guy's theory about MacTavish at the end of the interview.

Also in the 2nd hour we spoke with Nathan White from the St. John Telegraph Journal about the mega trades in the QMJHL and who is challenging Rimouski to be at the Memorial Cup, and lastly we welcomed Louis Leblanc from the Omaha Lancers to the show as our 2009 draft prospect performer of the week. The Montreal product is heading to Harvard next year and is currently ranked 23rd by ISS.

If you missed it live you can 'click the archive' where you can hear all the interviews from last night's show as well as a complete library from every show we've done since we went on the air back in 2006!

Just a note that TPS won't be airing next Tuesday, the Oil Kings play and so do the Oilers so following the Kings game, Corey Graham will take over with the post game show. I'm going to take advantage of it and head out to Golden for a few days of skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. I hear it's a great hill that gets tons of fresh snow regularly (100 cm last week) I can't wait to hit the powder. It's also the home of former TSN Edmonton reporter Ken Chilliback. He runs a bed and breakfast there, and I can tell you from experience it is a terrific place to stay. Thankfully we have satellite TV there so after I'm done with the powder on the hill, I can kick back and watch hockey.


taxitalk said...

you really are a sports fanatic
have fun on the slopes

Dean Millard said...

thanks taxitalk, skiing a few pops and there much better?

misfit said...

Great show last night. Even though I keep coming here and clicking on your pipeline show picture to the right thinking it'll be a link to the TPS website.

I would just add the TPS website to my favorites, but I already have this blog in my favorites list. Having seen Van Damme's TimeCop nearly a dozen times, I'm afraid having them both together on the same list will result in the two sites (and possibly the two of you) ceasing to exist.

Guy Flaming said...

misfit... I don't know if we're using the same same operating system but with my version of My Favorites you can make a folder that you can insert links into... so you could have a folder labeled TPS and when you click on that it would drop down to show the contents; a link for 'TPS blog' and one for 'TPS site'.

problem solved!

Thanks for listening to the show and reading the blog.


Sean said...

Link is broken s/b this

Guy Flaming said...

Thank you Sean... fixed.