Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fantasy Prospect Pick Up Of The Week

This week I'm looking a bit longer into the future, but I think he'll be a solid NHLer. Jonathan Blum has dealt with more personal adversity than most young kids should. His twin sister died in a house fire in 2004, a year later his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Some pretty heavy stuff for a teenager. The fact that he was named captain of the Vancouver Giants and team USA at the WJC this year, tells you what kind of character he is.

As for his on ice work, it's been spectacular. Last year he notched 18 goals, already this year he has 14. Blum became the first ever Californian to be drafted in the first round of the NHL. He's smart and makes great choices with and without the puck. He does need to get bigger and stronger, but that will come when he's no longer a teenager.

He also knows how to win, as he was a member of Vancouver's Memorial Cup championship on home ice in 2007.

If you have room on your roster for a long term prospect, Jonathan Blum is a great choice, and that's why he's my choice as fantasy prospect pick of the week.

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taxitalk said...

Wow i watch you on global, I usually make fun of sports blog but dude you rock, I miss the stash but november is long gone happy new year,
Look out Bob layton