Thursday, February 25, 2010

David Branch responds to Paul Kelly

About 2 and a half months ago TPS welcomed Paul Kelly to the show. The former head of the NHLPA is now working for an organization called College Hockey Inc. which represents NCAA hockey. Kelly surprised Guy and I by firing some major shots at the CHL. He bluntly said the league is paying players under the table and that...
"anybody who doesn't think it's happening has their head in the sand."
If you haven't yet heard Kelly's full comments which included statements that the CHL is blocking players from the NCAA and that the CHL scholorship program is inferior to the NCAA version click here.

To Get a sense of the reaction North of the border, read on...

Immediately after the interview we were contacted by the WHL and AJHL who wanted to and were given time to respond. Guy and I were also chasing a reaction from CHL head man David Branch and Tuesday night he joined us. Here's a little of what Branch had to say about some of Paul Kelly's comments.
"For a man as learned as he is to make accusations that are totally unfounded untrue is quite concering, but I think it's an interesting strategy that the NCAA has not only under Paul but always has in terms of they choose to promote their product by trying to demean the CHL and our 3 leagues."
We also talked to Branch about:

- possible CHL import draft tampering,
- The major OHL suspensions this year and how the penalties were decided
- a new security position the OHL has created to monitor off ice happenings
- how the OHL chooses it's Memorial Cup hosts.

The complete interview can be found in our media archive section at our main website, by clicking here.

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