Monday, January 25, 2010

Fallon Not A T-Bird Anytime Soon

An update now on forward Jacob Fallon, who recently left the US Under 18 team. Fallon is on the Seattle Thunderbirds protected list but has committed to the Michigan Wolverines next year, and it appears he'll keep his pledge to the Wolverines.

Fallon is staying in the USHL and has gone from the U18 team to the Indiana Ice. He's played 2 games with the ice so far, meaning he is no longer elegible for the WHL this season.

The Tbirds did try and contact Fallon but he didn't respond, so the team is assuming Fallon is not interested in the WHL at this time. Fallon will stay on Seattle's protected list should he decide to play in the CHL next year. I think it will depend on what NHL team drafts him this June. I'd imagine the Tbirds aren't holding out much hope for him, seeing as he didn't return their phone calls.

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