Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Re-Set

The Pipeline Show is taking a 2-day golf trip to Jasper starting at 5:00 AM on Wednesday, about 4 hours from now so... this will be brief.

Last night on the program we started things off by discussing several hot topics including young David Musil and the situation that was created when he and his family moved back to Canada. We also talked to A.J. Jacubec about that same subject at the end of the show. You can hear our opening segment and that interview with A.J.

Next up was an interview with an old buddy of Millards who just so happens to be a scout with the Nashville Predators - Rick Knickle. Knickle talked about the Preds and their strategies when it comes to scouting and drafting, what he values in a player, some examples of players he's zeroed in on and also touched on players currently in the system. You can hear that Nashville update here.

The WHL's Prince George Cougars have a new coach in Dean Clark, new uniforms and a new outlook on life as they prepare for the 2009-10 season. Wade Klippenstein is the Assistant GM for the Cougars and he walked us through the changes and explained how the team and the community have a renewed sense of hope. Here is the link to the Cougars update.

The final guest on the program is an always popular one with Oiler fans; Rob Schremp. With coaching changes at all levels of the Edmonton system it really is a clean slate for a lot of players, the least of which being Schremp. The former 1st round pick answered a lot of questions from fans who wanted to know everything from off season training, why he doesn't shoot more to possibly playing in Europe. You can be sure he's not sitting around relaxing this summer like in the photo from a London Knights softball game (see above). Hear the Schremp interview here.

Of course we played Bad Ass Trivia as well, this week's questions seemed to have a theme but the callers couldn't quite figure it out.

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