Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Down, Two to Go

With the news that Edmonton has signed AHL impact player Chris Minard to a contract, the Oilers can stroke one name off of their target list but their work is not done yet.

As I mentioned a couple of weekends ago, Edmonton hopes to sign a trio of established AHL players to help bolster the Springfield Falcons. I know that the intention was to sign "two and one" meaning either two forwards or two defencemen but the clear preference was the former. In the link provided you'll notice that I purposeful mentioned Minard as a potential Falcon as well as a couple other players.

Martin St. Pierre has signed on with Ottawa and I'm told the asking price for Darren Haydar just doesn't fit with the budget allotted to Springfield. I find that a bit disconcerting, that even the most expensive minor league player is too expensive when a team has declared their desire to vastly improve. But be things as they may, even the Oilers can probably find other impact players for less than what Haydar's camp is apparently looking for.

Jake Taylor is still under contract for the Falcons so the team already has one veteran blueliner that can provide some leadership on the backend. With Taylor Chorney and Cody Wild in the mix, would it be fair to expect the defender Edmonton seeks might be of the defensive variety or do the Falcons have enough of those guys in Taylor, Theo Peckham and AHL rookies Johan Motin and Alex Plante?

Would Edmonton product Johnny Boychuk be an option? He led the AHL in blueline scoring with 66 points in 78 games. The 6'2, 220 lb rearguard was originally drafted by Colorado but signed with Boston last summer. (EDIT: Thanks to Kevin Forbes from HF for telling em that Boychuk is signed by Boston already).

Here are some other options that I think make sense for the Oilers:

- If Darren Haydar is too expensive than I assume Alex Giroux will be as well. He led the AHL in scoring last season with 97 points but is now a 28-year-old UFA.

- Jason Krog is a proven AHL scorer, he had 86 points last season with Manitoba, and is currently UFA. He'd probably be as expensive as they come though (Now signed by Atlanta).

- Charles Linglet had 16 points in 21 games with the Falcons, he might be someone the team looks at bringing back.

No inside information this time, just me thinking out loud. Who would YOU like to see the Oilers target in order to help make the Springfield Falcons a much more competitive club in 2009-10?


Kevin Forbes said...

Hey Guy,

Boychuk signed with the Bruins for a one-year-deal.

Krog signed with the Thrashers for a two-year-deal.

Haydar should be announced to have signed with the Avalanche soon.

Guy Flaming said...

Thanks Kev. When did Boychuk sign?

Eetu Huisman said...

The name of Matt Nickerson seems to have appeared to the player list on the Oilers website. I'm not sure he should be counted as an AHL veteran, but I guess they expect him to bring some toughness to the Falcons blueline.

doritogrande said...

Count me as a fan of Graham Mink from Hershey.
- Big body (6'3" 220)
- RW
- Apparent nasty side
- 20 goal scorer the last 4 years
Buddy killed my Moose this spring. It wasn't just Giroux, this guy put a few nails in the coffin also. I'm unsure on his contract status, but he's a nice name to be skywriting.

A similar type of player, albeit a center this time would be Zenon Konopka.

On defense, I'd prefer an offensive guy who could take the pressure off Chorney and Wild. Guys I like include Brett Skinner, Danny Groulx and Staffan Kronwall.

Patrick said...

If Haydar is too expensive then I would assume so is Alexandre Giroux, kid scored 60 goals this season! Unless Im mistaken he was the AHL MVP last year too. High hopes, I know.

Guy Flaming said...

I have been told that all of those guys I have mentioned are both too expensive and no longer available... so Giroux has signed on with someone else as well.