Monday, July 6, 2009

Rajala Hoping To Join Wheat Kings

Just got back from Oilers development camp where I spoke to 2009 4th round pick Toni Rajala. You can watch the story from Global Sports HERE but here's a few tidbits: Rajala wants to play in Brandon this year (the Wheat Kings drafted him in the import draft) as he really wants to play in the Memorial Cup.

It was interesting that he was sitting beside Jordan Eberle in the dressing room as they might be rivals this winter if Rajala does end up in the Wheat City. Obviously at 5'10" and 163 pounds he needs to get bigger, but he's speedy and shoots to score, which as a left handed right winger is good news for the Oilers. Rajala's favorite players are Martin St. Louis and Patrick Kane, and they are guys he tries to play like.

Guy and I will have quite a bit of stuff from Rajala and others tomorrow night on The Pipeline Show, 7-9 PM MST on the TEAM 1260 in Edmonton or online here and here.


Anonymous said...

You better not be telling a lie. We need him really bad but from what I heard he likely wasn't going to come. Thanks for cheering me up though!

Guy Flaming said...

Millard lies at will... except when it comes to anything to do with the Brandon Wheat Kings.

I think he's already got a Rajala jersey made up.


WheatiesFan said...

Lol player robbers anyways, any way I can see the video with Rajala online as I am from Brandon?

Anonymous said...

Like how you mentioned that he and Eberle could be rivals this season. But Wheaties fans, myself included, hope that we can pick up Eberle for a Mem cup run if Regina under performs again this year.

Anonymous said...

Wheat Kings would have to buy out Rajala´s contract, I guess. Ilves would most likely demand also a compensation similar to NHL and Finnish SM-liiga transfer agreement.