Monday, July 21, 2008

Still California Dreamin'

Not a long post here but something I know many of you will at least find interesting, others will find exciting and a couple fans will be ecstatic to hear.

I recently had a conversation with an Oiler prospect who is down in California training with fitness/Jedi Master Chad Moreau and he gave me a list of players who are also there. Not all are Edmonton property anymore but the fact that even the ex-players are still in the same off-season routine speaks highly for Moreau and for the often described 'closeness of the Edmonton dressing room'.

The players:

"[Ethan] Moreau, [Jarret] Stoll, [Matt] Greene, [Sheldon] Souray, [Andrew] Cogliano, [Taylor] Chorney, [Joffrey] Lupul, [Jason] Smith, Kip Brennan, Penner and one other player."

First, I'm assuming that Penner is Dustin Penner but I don't know that and someone correct me if I'm wrong. Oiler fans should be encouraged by that though and that young guys like Cogliano and Chorney see the value already as well.

I was curious so asked about a specific pair of Oiler prospects Alex Plante (who was down for most of May) and Marc Pouliot (who went down briefly in 2007 and has had his conditioning questioned by the organization). Plante has not gone back down since his extended pre-prospect camp sessions and Pouliot has yet to appear. Don't read too much into that, it's not a criticism, I was just curious if those two players were down there or not.

Oh by the way, the 'one other player' on that list has now been in California working out since May. 3 months non-stop? I don't know but every time I've asked, that's where he's been. He's the guy pictured below.

I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Tom Gilbert. Am I right. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Big Bad Rob Schremp

Filmowl said...

Rob B Schremp

Anonymous said...

I am ecstatic to see Penner there. He has all the tools, justs needs the conditioning.

Anonymous said...

you kind of give it away by the image name... Schremp+Rob+tatoo.jpg

Guy Flaming said...

I kind of thought the RBS tattoo was the give-away... maybe it's just me?