Monday, February 25, 2013

Drouin raises 'WOW' factor, will it help him in June?

If you haven't seen Jonathan Drouin's remarkable shift from Sunday night, prepare to have your jaw dropped.

As the title of the video states, it is the best shift of the year, an incredible domination of one team by one player.

Drouin has been the biggest pleasant surprise of the draft year. He was playing midget at one point last year and was as high as 3 in the January ISS rankings.  He dropped to 4th on February's list but other scouts I have talked to love him as high as 2.

The question is, does a single shift like this impress the hockey scouts enough when it comes down to crunch time on draft day?  Does this play come up in conversation at the draft table when debating Drouin/MacKinnon/Barkov/Nichushkin?

We'll discuss this tonight on a TPS, special Monday edition.  7-9 on the TEAM 1260.  Email us your thoughts here.

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