Friday, December 7, 2012

World Junior Championship Podium Prediction

Time for you to step up and put your prognostication skills on the line when it comes to the World Junior Championship.  Will this be the year Canada ends it's 3 year drought?  Will Russia win on home ice?  Can Sweden defend?  Will Finland get a medal?  

If you think you can pick the gold, silver and bronze then email us here.  On the line is a $100 prize package from our good friends at Evolution Golf.  They are the perfect holiday party spot for your group, and they have gift certificates which will take care of some of your Christmas Shopping.  Ask them about their upcoming Spring league.

So there you go, send us your predictions of Gold, Silver, Bronze and you could be hitting the indoor links in Edmonton.  Remember in case of a tie, the earliest entry wins.  Only one entry per email. 

Good luck.  

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