Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Questions we have for the CHLPA

On Tuesday night we once again left a segment available for anyone from the CHLPA to join us.  Unfortunately we did not hear back from them.

It's been the same with every show from the past few weeks; we reach out to them, they don't respond.  So Tuesday Guy and I decided we would conduct one side of the interview and see if at some point we get the answers.

By the way CHLPA: you are invited to join us this Saturday at 10:05 am or Tuesday at 7:05 pm (Mountain Time).

1. Who hired Georges Laraques as Executive Director and what is the structure of the CHLPA?
(It's strange that he doesn't list the CHLPA on his twitter bio @georgeslaraque )

2.  There have been several comments attributed to Derek Clarke and Sandra Slater that were filled with factual errors.  When were these two folks appointed as spokes persons or were they there from the beginning? (Stipends ruling out NCAA eligibility, 30 hour bus rides from Brandon to Victoria)

3. If there are already 60 reps (one from each CHL team) why do most players seem to know nothing about what is going on than anyone reading Twitter or Facebook does? (has this process not started yet?)

4. Extending the education package is a good idea, but for how long?
(too long of a window could cripple some organizations)

5. Going after Hockey Canada for money from The World Junior Championship or Canada/Russia challenges means taking money from a non-profit organization and affecting programs like the National Women's team, Sledge hockey and coaching programs. Is that wise?

6. If Hockey Canada is a target for financial compensation will USA Hockey and other countries be dealt with as well?

7. How do you think you will be able to change the rules used by the NCAA since the beginning of time (they are sadly archaic) and allow for former CHL players to go to school and play hockey at the collegiate level?  (We've discussed this for 8 years and aren't sure the hockey people inside the NCAA want this)

8. Where did the initial idea come from, who started it and how did it begin?
(did a group of players come forward, or was this the brain child of parents)

9.  Has there been any meeting with David Branch and the CHL?
(I would think that would be your first step)

10. Why do you keep blocking media members that have questions about your organization, even if they are critical? (now they did claim Tuesday evening that the CHLPA twitter and facebook sites were hacked and the problem is now fixed, and TPS_Guy was unblocked!!!  Unfortunately as I finished the post up, I discovered I - TPSDean was in fact, BLOCKED from the CHLPA on twitter.)

update: I've been unblocked.  Finally I'm part of a club.

So there is our 10 questions for the CHLPA.  Hopefully we'll get our answers this Saturday. As for Tuesday night, catch what you missed by visiting our media archive here.

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