Thursday, February 2, 2012

Silvertips Fire Soetaert

Breaking news coming out of Everett that the Silvertips have fired General Manager Doug Soetaert. Beat writer Nick Patterson broke the news on Twitter about an hour ago.

I touched base with a handful of league executives. Some expressed shock, one called it "classless" and another suggested that it wouldn't take long for Soetaert to land on his feet again elsewhere in the WHL if that was what he wants.

Soetaert was a guest on The Pipeline Show earlier this year and spoke passionately about rebuilding the franchise. He opted not to deal either Ryan Murry or Kent Simpson at the trade deadline with eyes on a potential NHL work stoppage next year.

Were there some higher up the food chain that felt the rebuild would be kick started by moving Murray and Simpson this year for big time picks or prospects? Did that decision play into Everett's ownership's decision here?

Pure speculation on my part but until reasons are given, it's fair to put the question out there.

As for where he may resurface, one GM looked at Victoria. Might the new ownership group in a new market want to make changes with a team that has floundered over the last few years under Marc Habscheid?

Will this move by Everett be the first WHL executive domino to fall?

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