Thursday, May 5, 2011

WHL Draft Results

The 2011 edition of the WHL Bantam draft is now in the books with much of the early rounds going as predicted. Rather than us attempting to do a comprehensive draft recap, we're going to redirect you to Small Thoughts At Large, the blog maintained by Alan Cladwell. The NHL doesn't produce a summary as thorough as what he's done today so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Briefly, I'll point out that the TPS Final Rankings List that Dean put together (after getting input from various WHL scouts) was pretty successful. 16 of the 22 names on it were off the board after the first round and when you're talking about this age group, I think that's pretty commendable.

Lastly, one other sidebar tidbit that Dean mentioned in that same write up came true. The Tri-City Americans did draft Brian Williams this year meaning they now own the rights to two players with the exact same name coming from the exact same Bantam team. We can only hope that they eventually are playing on the same line in a couple of years.

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