Thursday, August 2, 2012

'One to Watch' Series Coming

This blog has been far too inactive for far too long. In order to remedy that, I'll be posting a new series that I am calling "One to Watch". 

It's not a hard concept; I'm going to look at all 30 NHL franchises and single out one of their prospects that for whatever reason, I'm particularly interested in following closely in 2012-13. 

Fair warning: it's not going to simply be a list of each team's top prospect. That will sometimes be the case but that will not necessarily be the reason I picked that player. Some I picked simply because I will have the opportunity to see them frequently this year in the WHL, others are guys who I have gotten to know over the years at different stages of their careers. Basically, it's the guys with the best story lines around them heading in to the coming season that have drawn my attention. 

No matter why they are on my watch list, I'll do my best to explain why they are players that every fan should take note of. I think all 30 of these guys are capable of being big stories this coming year. 

The 'One to Watch' series begins soon.  

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