Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TPS In Studio: Ewanyk & Bunz

Over the years several guests have joined us in studio during an edition of The Pipeline Show. We like to try and have those types of shows during the summer months because, let's face it, there usually isn't a heck of a lot going on to talk about. 

Last night, we added another chapter to the In Studio series. 

Some of the previous in-studio guests we have welcomed in have included Tyler Ennis (BUF) and Mark Pysyk (BUF), Taylor Chorney (STL) and Riley Nash (CAR), Tyler Pitlick (EDM) and Troy Hesketh (?), Brett Connolly (TBY), Ben Scrivens (TOR) and Dillon Simpson (EDM) and two of our media buddies in Sam Cosentino (Sportsnet) and Julie Robenhymer (Hockey Buzz - NCAA). Hell, we even had the Hanson Brothers from SlapShot come in on a cold January Saturday morning.

Photo: Dickie Dunn
This year I decided that I wanted to increase the occurrence of these special shows because they are usually a blast. The first one of the summer was a couple of weeks ago while both Dean and I were in Jasper - guest hosts Taylor Medak and Corey Graham brought in Edmonton Oil King Stephane Legault

On July 7th I was excited to be joined by Guy Gadowsky, the head coach of Penn State's new Div I hockey program. The Edmontonian was a treat to hang out with for an hour, I highly recommend the archive if you missed that show. 

Last night on TPS we continued the summer In Studio series. I was joined by two local players who both grew up in St. Albert, played in the WHL and are now property of the same NHL team; Travis Ewanyk and Tyler Bunz

Segment 1, Segment 2 and Segment 3. The guys were a lot of fun as we tried to keep things entertaining but we also talked about what fans wanted to know to. Will Bunz be happy should he be sent to Stockton next year, how does Ewanyk feel about fighting.

There was time to have some fun though too and the guys took shots at one WHL barn in particular for being tough to play in because of how boring it is, offered up their own blooper reel moments, agreed on which WHL team has the worst goal song and a lot more.

The next In Studio show is scheduled for this Saturday morning when we will be joined by 3 NHL scouts - one from a Western Conference team, one from the East and one on staff with NHL Central Scouting. If you have questions about what life as a scout is like, don't miss the show this weekend.

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