Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Camrose closing in on 2011 Royal Bank Cup

The Pipeline Show has learned that the Camrose Kodiaks are the likely hosts for the 2011 Royal Bank Cup. Dauphin, Manitoba is hosting the event this year, and it was scheduled for PEI in 2 years time, but word is the tournament won't make it out east and there is a 99 per cent chance the Kodiaks will take over.

It's a no brainer for the city to welcome the best Junior A teams from across the country. The Edgeworth centre is a state of the art facility featuring the 2500 seat Encana arena. It's the home the almost always successful Kodiaks who have one national championship and 3 second place finishes at the event. They should make excellent hosts as long as head coach Boris Rybalka is behind the bench.

This will mark the second big junior tournament in 3 years for the city as last year the World Junior A took place in the Alberta city. By the way, check out the Kodiaks website here, they do a great job of recognizing some of their great past players.


Johnny - BUCK75 said...

WOW! Could you imagine the team that could be iced if Boris actually was guaranteed a spot in the tournament!

Rumours were floating around this would be the reason Camrose wouldn't host the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering when a city like Vernon would get the opportunity to host the event. The Vipers have won the most junior A Championships since its inception. We have a new building, wonder what loop holes have to be opened to be considered for the event.

In any case, congrats to the City of Camrose if they pull it off.