Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Down-Low with Bristowe

I’m back from a few weeks away in the sun. I was in Mexico and the Caribbean for my wedding and honeymoon. Although I am dealing with a 30 degree difference, I am happy to be back in the land of hockey. Through my travels it was very tough to find out what was happening with the NHL playoffs. Our Mexican resort and the cruise ship had sports bars, however soccer seemed to take over the screen instead.

As most of the group consisted of Canucks fans, it seemed even harder to get coverage of a Canadian team. Apparently we just needed a girl’s touch because once of the girls asked the bartender if there was a way of setting up or reserving the Canucks game and the next thing you know we were enjoying nachos and beer for game 2 of the Canucks and St Louis series. We were obviously not the only ones craving action on the frozen canvas, as 40 people showed up and cheered on Vancouver through their victory.

Of course the first thing I did when we boarded the cruise ship was check out the sports bar. I thought we might have more luck getting games since the Captain is from Winnipeg. Again I would be denied.
Finally one morning I stumbled upon hockey by turning the TV on at 7 in the morning. They were replaying ESPN’s sports cast from the night before. Not only was there hockey highlights there were some great graphics and analysis. I did like listening to Barry Melrose. He was the American version of Don Cherry, but didn’t take it as far.

The next time my wife and I discuss vacation plans, one of the research criteria will include checking to see if they have NHL action available. It is good to be home.

Of course there was no chance of finding out scores and details from the WHL.

That’s the Down-Low with Bristowe.

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Guy Flaming said...

Did you say Mexico?

Pig Flu Alert! Pig Flu Alert!

Congrats and welcome back.