Thursday, April 3, 2008

Schremp Story not Finn-ished

As I reported last week, there have been rumblings out of Europe that Edmonton Oilers prospect Rob Schremp and his agent are considering European options. That story began with a newspaper blog report by Kent Jonsson (see original story a few entries ago). Schremp and his agent both denied the story but personal contact with Mr. Jonsson clearly left the door open for further developments.

Today there is one of those developments.

In a new, shortended entry on his newspaper blog, Mr. Jonsson not only names his source but goes on to say that an official offer has been made although not by a Swedish team.

The translation is this:

"I wrote some time ago that the talented forward from the Oilers organisation was offered to Swedish teams. It did not take long before people in Canada contacted me. Guy Flaming, host and producer of the radio show "The Pipeline Show", emailed and questioned the information. Perhaps Schremp will not go to Sweden, but Finland appears to be an option. Schremp's Swedish agent, Bjarne Lundh, says:

- My colleague spoke to Rob the other day. Rob has now received an offer from a Finnish team. When it comes to Swedish teams, it is still too early to tell, Lundh says

Does Schremp really want to go and play in Europe?
- Well, we got to trust what he tells us.

A pretty cryptic response at the end there but we know now that an actual offer has been made and it comes from a team in Finland. You also know I'm on top of this story and I am tracking down further information even as I write this. More when I have it.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope all this is true! We would love to see a talent like Schremp here in Finland.

Jamie said...

Bjarne Lundh's agency has a web page at
My quick scan of the names did not show that many big name players. I wonder how it came to pass that he represents Schremp in Scandinavia.
Kudos for keeping your eye on this! It's all quite intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I might know what team gave an offer. I'd bet it is Porin Assat, they are looking for a good although expensive center. He would get a lot of time on ice and lots of training.