Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is Todd Nelson the New Coach for OK City?

The Oklahoma City Barons coaching staff will be announced tomorrow but today a few names have come out as candidates for the job. Kelly Buchberger and Mark Lamb were mentioned on Oilers Lunch by Bob Stauffer as was the name Todd Nelson. Nelson's name also appears on the Edmonton Journal's site so he should be added to the list and possibly placed at the top of it.

If the name Todd Nelson doesn't ring a bell, don't worry because you're not alone.

His résumé at paints a picture of a former WHL role player turned career minor leaguer and the pro level including stops in Europe and the IHL.

A look further down the page displays nine years of coaching experience including two championships with the Muskegon Fury of the UHL. To his credit, Nelson has spent the last 4 years in Atlanta's system including the last two at the NHL level as an assistant coach. He is seen above on the bench with the Chicago Wolves, Atlanta's AHL affiliate.

Apparently Nelson was given consideration for the Edmonton Oil Kings job before it was given to Derek Laxdal.

Question for Oiler fans: Would you prefer Rob Daum to any of the above?


Anonymous said...

I would prefer Daum to Buchberger

Anonymous said...

Great question btw

Anonymous said...

What is /was the UHL?

Guy Flaming said...

The United Hockey League.

Anonymous said...

I checked out his coaching history...Wow!

Dude is a winner!

6 Years Coaching in the Minors (either ASS Coach (hehe) or Head Coach)

3 Championships!


Racki said...

I'll give Buchberger a bit of benefit of doubt that he could be a good coach, as there was some rumblings that he was good with the kids in Springfield when he head coached there, even though they missed the playoffs.

However.. not seeing Daum in the organization anymore, and seeing Don Hay now reject us for an assistant job, and seeing the list of candidates slowly dwindling is a bit of a kick in the nuts. Would have liked to have seen what Daum could have done with a rejuvinated farm team. Seems unfair to not give him the best possible chance.

That said, I do like that they've given the whole organization a pretty major face lift, but I think they probably would have wanted to be quick on replacing these guys.

Terry said...

The only thing that bothers me about this hiring is the fact that he was also interviewed for the Oil King and was not successful. How is it that he can then get what should be perceived as a better job? Were the options that limited that OKC had to take WHL rejects? All that being said this could be a very good hire and Nelson is set up for success with the changes to the roster.